Buergerhaus Welcome to the exhibition on "Einstein's Sommer-Idyll in Caputh" about Albert Einstein's summer house in Caputh. The permanent exhibition shows models, documents and photos from the life and work of Albert Einstein during his time in Berlin and Caputh. In addition, you will learn about the turbulent history of the Einstein House and about the career of its famous architect, Konrad Wachsmann, who made an international impact on the development of building styles in the 20th century. You will find us on the first floor of the Bürgerhaus (community centre) in Caputh, opposite the church and Caputh Palace. Please use the entrance at the back of the house.
Buergerhaus People interested in puzzles can test their skills with a 3D puzzle, the "Wachsmann-Knoten". Various models and a film give an impression of the architecture of the Einstein House.
Buergerhaus Special items on display include a facsimile of Einstein's guest book, exhibits from his life and work and an original recording of his voice. Some applications of the relativity theory are shown in a section about GPS navigation and in a computer simulation of the relativistic effects of the speed of light based on a virtual trip through the historic town centre of Tübingen.